Our Mission

Discipling, equipping, and training believers to defend their faith in a growingly hostile culture while bringing the good news of redemption, rescue, and renewed purpose to the hopeless and forgotten members of society through the gospel of Christ.

How to Connect About Our Ministry

Introducing For The Master Ministries


We are actively engaged only a daily basis.

Pray For Us
Please pray for us in these specific areas.

Pray for open hearts and minds. The nature of apologetics and evangelism is confrontational. We are often seen as adversarial simply because we challenge the presuppositions and mindset of our audience.

Pray for open doors. We are looking for opportunities and opponents to participate in publicly moderated formal debates in specific areas. We are currently looking for debate opponents in North Carolina.

Pray for resources. Doors are being opened around the country and around the world to minister. We are currently entertaining multiple invitations to various African countries later this year to teach and preach. We depend on the financial benevolence of others to keep going. 

Upcoming Events

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Latest News

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